Accessories Made Easy

In today's marketplace, distributors and retailers alike often offer fragmented and ad-hoc based product line-ups, with little thought for the inter-connection between different concepts and projects available through their respective sales channels. This is not only a time consuming and inefficient way of doing business, but also a potential detrimental influence on marketing as well as shop floor aesthetics (which is more important than you might think).

At Obelix Mobile AS (TeleQare Nordics), we are striving to provide a coherent product range which makes sense both logically, logistically and, rather importantly, revenue-wise. Where ScreenArmor, Imoshion and nou Magic Mount are targeted at specific needs of your core business, nou is the complementary line-up catering to particular requirements in a comprehensive and dynamic manner. We will keep adding products to this brand whenever we spot a potential need or opportunity, but will also take great care in achieving an holistic approach to its evolution, as well as avoiding unneccessary bloat. You can therefore be confident that the items in this range are ones which you really need (we would offer them in our own retail store, if we had one), and not ones which are added to the sales sheet just to make a quick buck. Too good to be true? Check it out in more depth below.


NOU Selfie Stick With Bluetooth 2.0

Social media has become the staple online pastime for an entire generation of technologically aware consumers, and recently their parents, and even grandparents, have also become ardent posters, likers and activists through the numerous platforms competing for our attention.

The central theme of these providers of limitless connectivity, is sharing and collaboration, preferably in a visiual manner. Our bestselling nou Selfie Stick make everyone able to document their lives, and those of their friends and family, through an extendable rod (80 cm / 31" 1/2) with Bluetooth connectivity. This product is available in whatever colour suits your needs, and comes with a USB cable for easy charging. 

NOU Waterproof Bag

People are more dynamic than they have ever been, and we expect to be able to bring our devices with us wherever we go. Unfortunately, some of these gadgets might not take too kindly to joining in on a climbing expedition, venturing out to sea in an inflatable floater, or being dragged to the top of Mount Everest.

It is for precicely these kinds of situations (or rather just a walk in the rain or a trip to Glastonbury) we have developed the nou Waterproof Bag (4-6"). It sports a built-in audiojack cable, and may be purchased in a series of different colours.

NOU Power Case

A lifestyle so heavily dependent upon, and revolving around, gadgets and devices in all shapes and forms, requires that you always have access to adequate power supplies. This can be an issue when far afield hiking or camping, when confined to a restaurant for businees or pleasure, or when rising in the morning just to discover that your phone charger is sitting idly next to the socket.

Luckily Obelix Mobile AS (TeleQare Nordics) can provide you with an ingenious solution (if we may be so humble). Our 3.500 mAh power case, which can be delivered in a variety of colours, attaches to your device like any other normal case, and ensures you stay connected wherever you venture.

NOU Universal Sports Armband

We all like to keep fit. At least that is what we are telling both ourselves and others, all the time secretely munching on that leftover pizza in the top left cupboard, or filling up on chocolate digestives whilst taking afternoon tea.

So if your New Year's resolutions are to be fulfilled, good motivation is paramount, and listening to a tantalising tune during work out is a big boost to morals. We have therefore decided to do our part through the nou Sports Armband. It comes in any colour under the sun, and is of course universal (S, M & L).

NOU Uni Sports Belt (1 pocket)

Nothernes are keen hiking- and exercising enthusiasts. They also love to be prepared, bringing equipment, gadgets, and the all-important pat-on-the-back treat along with them when out and about.

Our nou Universal Sports Belt (1 Pocket), ensures that all these items are stored securely and comfortably throughout the work-out session. It includes an ingenious hidden 'magic' pocket, which can be filled with keys, credit cards, ski wax or whatever else, alongside your beloved smart phone, of course.

NOU Uni Sports Belt (2 pockets)

Some of us need more space than others. That is just a fact of life, also with regards to storage capacity when jogging, cycling, hiking or skiing.

Obelix Mobile AS (TeleQare Nordics) are of course not oblivious to this, and can therefore provide you with a universal sports belt boasting exactly double the capacity of its little brother.